T.O.A.H – (‘Tour’) Journeying with you to wellness

T.O.A.H – (‘Tua’) Swahili for Settle down – To Restoration, tranquility and wellness

T.O.A.H- (‘Toa’) Swahili for ‘Remove’ the belief of having a Mental Disorder as being ‘abnormal’

T.O.A.H- Impacting Lives Positively

Giving and Sustaining Hope, Mental Health Matters

We are one; we need each other- YOU ARE NOT ALONE

To Strength and Acceptance; let’s reduce Stigma on Mental Health issues

Let’s reach out, Mental Health is Core

Let’s Talk, Mental Health is essential

Let us create Awareness on Mental Health- Better days are ahead

To reducing stigma about Mental Health

To more kindness and care to our mind

We are one Mental Health is the equalizer