Popular Causes

  1. Sanitary towels distribution to Kiandutu slums primary school girls to promote mentrual hygiene
  2. Mentorship programs on wellness and life skills in Umoja slum and Kiandutu slum primary schools
  3. Football tournament with Athena Slums stars to enhance Mental wellness
  4. Collaboration with Nyeri Hospice for a charity walk to raise funds for cancer patients
  5. Mentorship program with addiction recoverees from Sober Living and Recovery centre
  6. Partnership in 70+ year olds elderly wellness event in Makenji,Muranga County
  7. A Christmas to Remember drive and celebration for Athena Slums football stars and Kiandutu slums teenage mothers (2023)
  8. Thika Prisons cook, dine and talent show partnership for Christmas (2022)